Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Woorde van Hekke van Paradise - David Kramer

I’m driving through this facebrick town
My radio up, but the window is down
I’m listening to the late Jim Reeves
In my nylon jersey with the raglan sleeves
This town, this town is like a, like a two cent piece
It’s got a coat of arms, it’s got a wildebeest
Like a clean white shirt with a gold cufflink
It looks quite clean, but the armpits stink


En ek vra jou mos (3 x) nice
Ek sê hoekom, blaf daai honde by die hekke van paradise

Got a twin-carb vee-eight in this jammy that I drive
You can take me for a dice, I bet you won’t survive
Well I need new tyres and I need new shocks
And I need to phone my bokkie
Gonna phone her from a tickybox
Ja, she’s got the cutest little pair of legs
She shaves them clean till they look like ostrich eggs
And at night, at night she takes her teddy bears to bed
But I wonder why she paints her toenails red

KOOR (1 x)

Ja, this is where I spent my teens
It's a dirty little town that the council cleans
got orange lights
Oh, they prick the dark and the streets are wide
There’s always room to park

KOOR (1 x)

Ek sê hoekom blaf daai honde by die hekke van paradise (2 x)
Ek sê hoekom blaf daai honne ook

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